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People would normally not think much about the type of concrete they are dealing with. It doesn’t usually come to the homeowner’s mind whether they want to take residential or commercial concrete services, and instead, generalize it to simply “taking concrete services”. But there are actually some differences between the two. Finding a Florida concrete company that will meet all your needs now helps make future projects more successful. To make things clear, let us first define, what exactly is commercial concrete.

What Is Commercial Concrete?

If commercial concrete was to be defined, then it would generally be the concrete that is pretty much used for erecting or even upgrading facilities that are used for businesses. These types of buildings would include warehouses, retail stores, industrial buildings, and even restaurants are included in the list.

In fact, these days, we can find commercial concrete nearly everywhere, inside buildings, which includes the walls, floors, exterior walkways and pavements, and even the architectural details. Cities are practically concrete forests. In addition, compared to residential concrete, commercial concrete has a higher demand for having better structural performance and durability. Naturally, these types of concrete would require some stronger concrete mix design as well as heavier reinforcement.

What Is Concrete Jacksonville Fl Used For?

Commercial floors are especially known for their high-performance finishes, as well as coatings that are able to perform better and withstand heavy traffic, abrasions as well as stains, which commercial businesses would usually struggle from, making them relatively easier to maintain. Commercial concrete is also slip-resistant, which makes it easier for the personnel to maneuver and prevent slipping.

Concrete parking lots can also be a very good idea as an investment for your commercial facility. This is because concrete is fairly easy to maintain, has a longer life span, and can withstand heavier loads compared to other materials. Concrete also has lighter colors, which helps with the lighting. This helps not only with the interior but also the exterior lightings, perfect for any commercial business.

Commercial concrete tilt-up walls are also extremely useful for warehouses and big-box stores. This building method is gaining in popularity because of its efficiency, flexibility, and speed of construction as well as the endless variety of tilt-up panel shapes, colors, and decorative features available. In addition, you can utilize decorative concrete for the exteriors of the commercial buildings.

What Makes A Florida Commercial Concrete Contractor?

These people will be the ones responsible for your commercial concrete project, which means that you should choose them wisely. Whether you need a concrete contractor for a new sidewalk, to help create an attractive driveway for your business, or even to pour a whole new foundation for a warehouse or commercial addition, finding the right contractor is key to a successful concrete pour.

This is why it is best to follow and consider some of the factors. It is best to at least learn these things since concrete is so popular, you’re bound to run into a concrete project at some point in your life. Finding a concrete company that will meet all your needs now helps make future projects more successful. Here are some things you should keep in mind when you’re looking for a commercial concrete contractor:

Jacksonville Experience And Technologies

When you’re choosing a commercial concrete contractor, you should choose the people that have the correct tools and experience for the job. Good commercial concrete contractors should be able to successfully do and finish unique services. Commercial concrete contractors should also be able to have new and latest kinds of technology, as well as the people having experience using those machines.

You also have to know if the company mostly works with rebar reinforced concrete or if they also have a bit of experience with fiber reinforced concrete. For example, if you need some stamped or decorative concrete work done, hire professionals who specialize in this niche. You also want to choose a company that has access to the concrete materials required for the job so as few projects get outsourced to other companies as possible.

Naturally, if you want a specific service such as if you are in need of fiber-reinforced concrete for your project, then you would need someone that has prior experience with using it in their concrete mix instead of choosing someone that has never heard of these.

Concrete Construction Insurance

People that are new to concrete services may not think much about the insurance that the company offers. This may be because the paperwork between residential contractors from commercial or industrial contractors is relatively different, making it a bit tricky.

You should consider insurance limits, there’s a reason that the local contractors that you like so much can take on your patio but can’t take on the parking lot at your business. In most cases, the same residential concrete contractors that you are used to might not have the insurance or liability limits to take on a project on the scale of commercial projects.

Most people may not know this, but industrial and commercial jobs are some orders of magnitude more expensive than residential jobs. Do also keep note and remember most companies, small to big concrete contractor businesses’ limits. Concrete construction jobs could be relatively risky, therefore, your Jacksonville commercial concrete contractors should be knowledgeable on what jobs they can take versus what jobs they can’t handle.

Of course, different companies and professionals have their very own specific criteria they can work with. For example, the commercial concrete contractor that you like and was able to give you a satisfying concrete contractors Jacksonville fl service creating your driveway or patio put they may not necessarily be able to make the concrete parking lot or add a new loading dock for your business. You should know that professionals would have their own reasons for rejecting your requests.

Project Management

Huge projects, especially Jacksonville concrete contractor projects should have some proper project management. Before, management wasn’t really that greatly considered since it was less professional and less proper. It used to be much more simple where you simply show up,  take stock of the work that needs to be done, and that’s it.

Simple jobs can get away with those fast and easy tasks, but when it comes to larger, and more major tasks such as a massive loading area, or high traffic parking lot, or anywhere a business is going to lose access for any amount of time, then proper management within the project is essential. Not only with the general project requires some management, but there should also be management dedicated to risk and stakeholder communication.

When you are dealing with larger tasks, the team should know who is assigned with running to get the permits for all this work? Who is knowledgeable and has the insurance policy? In addition, to be extra careful, people should also know what your contractor is doing to lessen the risks. Do they have a backup plan in case something doesn’t work out? If so, what would they do if the weather or equipment doesn’t cooperate?

Do they have a staff who can look at contingencies and map out the process so that you’re confident the work is going to be completed with minimal disruptions to your business? Experienced Jacksonville professional project managers would naturally find these things to be something that is essential and would intuitively understand this. In the end, concrete contractors that are ready for the big time have a staff of at least a few of these professionals on hand.

Concrete Contractors’ Security And Reliability

Naturally, if the project is managed properly, then the reliability is already pretty high, but you should still look into the overall reliability of the company. You should check the background of the company and see if they have an overall good reputation. This applies to properly completing Jacksonville projects as time-lined, showing up on time, and especially their communication.

Communication is always an important part of these services so that you are aware of the deadlines, changes in cost and production, and other important things. If you’re not so sure about where to look for and see how great a commercial concrete contractor’s reputation is, then you can simply ask for a reference and see their Fl portfolio. If they do not have any issues with the court concrete contractors’ past customers, then they should be able to easily show you their past works.

Customer Services

It has been previously mentioned several times that a concrete company’s reputation also determines the quality of services they provide. That is why if you’re looking to build a long-term relationship with your concrete contractors, it is important to analyze and read through the contractor’s reviews. This allows you to see how their past clients rate their services.

By reading through the concrete contractors’ reviews, you would be able to determine the quality of their completion times, rates, customer service, cleanliness, reliability, and communication, as well as other various factors. You can determine the quality of service that concrete contractors provide once you understand what services you can expect from experts.

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