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Does my Jacksonville Florida Home Need a Concrete Repair?

One of the major responsibilities that property owners face is the overall maintenance of their property. For any property to last a lifetime, there must be proper maintenance from time to time. There will be areas that might need immediate actions like repair, and having a property made out of concrete, this instance is also possible.

What is Concrete?

Concrete may be manufactured and built in a variety of shapes and structural systems with ease. Water, aggregate (rock, sand, or gravel), and cement are the three main components of concrete. The tremendous simplicity of concrete stems from the fact that its elements are commonplace and can be found practically anywhere. Concrete has become the world’s most popular and commonly utilized construction material due to its ubiquity, versatility, and flexibility. Concrete has a lot of properties that can help a structure perform better in terms of sustainability. Whether for a small or large scale project, professionals often gravitate to using concrete.

Concrete for Jacksonville Florida Home

Homes in Jacksonville Florida are often built using two structural methods like engineered frame wood construction and concrete block construction. Since most homes are built with concrete, this provides energy efficiency in most homes as the concrete holds heat longer during the colder season and cools the air inside for a longer period in summer weather. It is essential that in constructing homes that will use concrete block construction, it is recommended to use Jacksonville Fl Concrete Srvices.

Concrete Repair Services for Jacksonville Fl

Concrete is one of the most widely utilized and long-lasting man-made materials. Concrete structures have several advantages, ranging from improved fire resistance to environmental and geographical advantages. When dealing with concrete, it is critical to have its installation executed properly or else it will be subject to either repair or replacement.

Deteriorating concrete structures can generate environmental, waste, and disposal issues, increase replacement costs and can put someone in danger. Jacksonville concrete, like all other materials, ages and cracks, therefore when such instance arises, such should be evaluated and be subject to immediate repair action.

Provided below are the concrete repair services they can cater to:


To ensure strength and stability in building or construction, a traditional foundation approach is often used to support such structures. Below the frost line, a footing is laid, and then the walls are built on top. The footing is wider than the wall, which provides additional support to its base. Footings are a crucial aspect of this construction process. They are usually built of concrete that has been poured into an excavated trench with rebar reinforcement. Footings are used to support it and prevent it from settling. In places with difficult soils, footings are extremely crucial.

There are tendencies that concrete foundations will crack, while not dangerous, they immediately can call attention and should not be left unchecked. Cracks of this type are a sign of differential settlement like horizontal and vertical tension, which may pose serious structural problems in the long run, therefore, it is recommended to subject it to foundation repair. Foundation repair should be handled by experts as this is a crucial part of every structure.


When it comes to driveways, they should ideally be durable enough to endure some of the harshest weather conditions as well as any damage caused by nature and the elements. Not only should it be able to withstand the elements, but it should also withstand a lot of traffic and weight, especially for larger, heavier vehicles.

Driveways made out of concrete are the finest option for Jacksonville Fl homes. However, there are instances that concrete driveways will be damaged. Most of the time, this is due to bad installation, soil shifts, extremely heavy loads, groundwater, and even studded tires. If such an instance happens, it is recommended to evaluate if the driveway will be subject to repair or replacement by concrete contractors handling driveway repair Jacksonville Fl.


Concrete resurfacing is a technique for restoring the appearance of old concrete. Over the existing surface, a concrete coating is applied, with a range of color, texture, and pattern options. Driveways, patios, pool decks, and even indoor floors can all benefit from this style of decorative refinishing.

Traditionally, any type of damage, including minor wear and tear, was repaired by dismantling the original concrete slab and replacing it with a new one. With modest damages, however, it is more cost-effective and resource-conserving to be cost-effective.

The best option is to have the concrete resurfaced. The following scenarios are excellent for concrete resurfacing:

  • Damage is only minor;
  • Wear and tear are inevitable;
  • Covering up flaws on the surface;
  • Minor surface cracks must be repaired;
  • Getting rid of discoloration;
  • Covering an unattractive or damaged concrete surface;
  • Bringing an old concrete finish up to date.

A professional assessment of the concrete surface is recommended. Concrete surfaces, in most cases, do not need to be completely replaced and can appear as good as new.

Other Structures

Other concrete structures in a property can also be subject to damages, it is recommended that upon notification of subtle damage, there should be immediate action to be taken. The most common cause of concrete deterioration is corrosion of reinforcing steel and other embedded metals. When steel corrodes, the resulting rust takes up more space than the steel itself. Tensile stresses are created in the concrete as a result of this expansion, which can lead to cracking, delamination, and spalling. The following are the primary elements that influence the failure of concrete structures:

  • Inappropriate material selection;
  • Design calculation and details errors;
  • Inadequate quality control and supervision, as well as improper construction approaches;
  • Concrete structures are being attacked by chemicals; and
  • Mechanical influences from the outside.

Assistance for Concrete Repair Services, Contact Us

Though concrete is durable, it may be prone to repairs as time goes by. In such case that concrete structure suffers to damages, it is recommended to seek the right expertise of a professional to solve the problem. Concrete Contractors Jacksonville Fl is here to help and provide quality service to solve such problems arising from concrete.

For all locals of Florida needing professional assistance or going to have any concrete construction, feel free to visit and contact Jacksonville Fl Concrete Contractors at 904-822-1855.

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